Betting Odds

Odds are all about probability and this is the key function for odds to be able to work. Some people calculate probabilities for fun, while the bookmakers are doing this in a professional way. If this is something you want to do yourself, you will need a lot of data to work with.

Understanding odds will make you understand the betting market much better and it will also let you know what bookmakers you should use for different type of bets. There are three type of odds that are being used. These are fractional, decimal and American odds.

The fractional odds work in a way where you will see characters such as the slash (/) or the typical hyphen (-). These are mainly used in British odds or so-called traditional odds. Many bookmakers use this type of odds still to this day, and it is preferred by many bettors.

In Europe there are a lot of bookmakers that likes to use decimal odds, and these are more understandable for some bettors. There are plenty of information about decimal odds works, and this is open to the public. Many bookmakers provide this information as well.

This is how the odds work

The faster you know how the odds work, the faster you will be able to bet at bookmakers. This also allows you to calculate your possible returns. The more information you have about the participants in your bet, the easier will it gets to know what markets to bet on.

It is not so hard to calculate odds by yourself. You could easily do this based on a lot of information and data about the participants. This is actually a lot of valuable information that could be useful for you when betting. After this, you could compare your odds with the odds of all the bookmakers.

Odds contains about a lot of information, but what most people are missing out on is that probability is one of the most basic levels here. There are definitely many different outcomes, and you should make sure that you are aware of all the outcomes of your odds.

But how do you calculate the probability of odds? Well, we will show you! For example, the odds 1/3 can be calculated with mathematics. That would equal to 3 / (3+1) = 0.75. Turn this number into a percentage and you will get the probability of 75% chance that it will happen.

Terms in the betting world

There are many keywords you should have knowledge about in the betting world. Some of these words can probably be complex for some people, but it is very easy to learn. There are no such thing as difficult keywords in the betting world, since they are all actually logical.

Some basic terms that are used in betting are accumulator, alternate lines, early cash out and expected value. These are of course very basic for many people and some might understand those terms right away. But we can take a closer look at the mentioned terms.

An accumulator is something that involves a series in one wager. This means you can have a set of odds combined with each other, but that also means that every single one of them has to win before you win your wager. If only one of them loses, then you will lose the wager.

Early cash out are also another term that is easy to understand and work with right away when you place a bet. If you have placed a bet and you regret on the bet, you can take back the bet with the early cash out function. Just notice that this will give you less cash back.

Live odds are popular

Many bettors do use the live betting function in addition to regular betting. Live betting allows you to participate in what actually happens in a match, and you can predict outcomes within many different markets. In other words, live betting gives you even more flexibility.

You get less time to evaluate the live odds, but this makes it only more fun for bettors. There are many different sports you can place a bet live and get possible returns on your wager. It can be sports like football, tennis and boxing to golf. In-play betting markets are more fun!

The odds are constantly changing after how the teams perform in-game. So, you will need to keep an open eye on all the situations and markets that are constantly changing. At the same time, you need to respond as quickly as possible for any of the different outcomes.

Whether you love sports, betting and odds or you are just curious about how it works, then it is recommended to try this out as soon as possible. You can at the same time enjoy some live streams at different bookmakers who will make this available for you after you sign up.

Get value for your money

You should aim for value in any betting situation. This is not always easy to hang on with, but there are some actions you can do to get there. First, you need to calculate your odds for special event. Then, you need to do analysis of those event given the information you get. 

Once everything is sorted out, you will have finished and well analyzed your odds. Compare this to the bookmaker’s odds, and you will find out if you are getting value for your bet or not. If the bookmaker’s odds are higher than yours, that would result in you getting value.

This does not mean you will get value in every single situation where the bookmakers have a higher odd on a given event than yours. It just means that there are good possibilities for getting returns on your bet and that value is existing within one specific bet. If you have not bet on any odds yet, then you should definitely try it out as soon as possible!