Surebets Calculator: Safe Arbitrage Find bets without risk

With suretbets or arbitrage bets, you can assume that you will always win this type of bet, regardless of the outcome of the bets. A guarantee for your winnings will give you the quota differences when using various online bookmakers. First of all, you have to find the arbitrage bets, for example via a Surebet comparison, to judge whether offered odds are profitable for you or not. For all other tasks, a Sportsbook Surebet Calculator can help you well and take on various upcoming tasks for you. In the Arbitrage Betting Calculator you only enter your found odds and your bet and get the quota difference in% and your potential profit from it. With the help of the Surebets Calculator, you can easily evaluate whether a Surebet is profitable for you. In the bookmaker comparison you will find suitable bookmakers.


  • Suitable for sportsbook beginners, as easy operation
  • Suitable for judging 2-way and 3-bets
  • Calculate quota differences and spend in%
  • Calculation of part bets at the different bookmakers
  • Carry out quick profit calculations

If you have not signed up for an online bookmaker, we recommend the bookmaker comparison. With these you can clearly compare the strengths and weaknesses of bookmakers. With Surebets, it’s important to be able to respond quickly to the betting odds offered, as odds of arbitrage betting can change quickly. Therefore, you should have registered before the calculation of Surebets already at the providers and there have the necessary capital. The Surebets Calculator automatically calculates 2-way and 3-way bets for you. Incidentally, with the latter, you have to spend more and more capital on your bets in order to bet effectively.


The Surebets Calculator works out lucrative differences in the odds provided by the bookmakers and helps you to determine the ideal use of your sportsbook. All betting outputs are considered simultaneously. For a 2-way Surebet this is 2 and for a 3-way Surebet 3 possible outlets. Your arbitrage bet does not necessarily have to focus only on the betting markets 1X2 and 12, but other types of bets, such as goal bets, are also possible. A big advantage of the Sportsbook Surebet Calculator is that you will automatically be charged for the necessary bets with the various bookmakers based on the odds. This avoids calculation errors.


In the first step you record your Surebet odds to calculate the quota difference and click on the button CALCULATE. In the Value field, you will see a percentage that will give you a first indication of whether the arbitrage bet might pay off for you. The second step is required for the Surebet earnings calculation and your sportsbook calculation. Simply enter your desired wager here, click on CALCULATE and your profit will appear in the field WIN. You can enter your total bet or individual bets. When entering the total bet, the individual bets will automatically be calculated, which of course is very convenient for you. Making a calculation based on a single bet is interesting if you want to favor a particular quota or bookmaker.


With the 3-way Surebet calculator you have one more field available per step, as there are more possible bet exits. Again, you must first record the betting odds in the Surebet Calculator and then your desired bets. The desired results per step are displayed again by clicking on CALCULATE. Whether you choose a 2-way Surebet or 3-way Surebet is up to you. When it comes to risk, there is no difference in the relationship. However, you usually have to take more capital into the bets on your 3-way arbitrage bet.


If you want to become a successful surebetter, you must always be able to react quickly. The reason for this are the mostly short-term quotas. The more people put on a Surebet, the more the quota usually sinks again. If you ensure your Surebet betting odds by delivering betting slips in time, the online bookmaker must guarantee these betting odds. If you do not react fast enough, the lucrative odds will expire again and possibly develop to the detriment of you. This can happen to you especially if you have given your Surebets only partially. At the same time, you have to bet with a lot of discipline and caution to avoid mistakes that can cost you a lot of money.

A Sportsbook Surebet calculator will give you lightning fast reliable results, so you will not have any problems with it and only have to submit your bet slip with the calculated bets. Incidentally, even more “hectic” awaits you in the Surebet live betting. So be prepared.


For those who have never dealt with arbitrage bets, Surebets are mostly a Bohemian village or completely unknown. Every beginning is difficult, as a German proverb says. But that does not have to be, because a Surebet computer simplifies the whole essential and is also a tool of sports betting professionals and advanced. The reason why arbitrage betting is so popular is the 99% high odds. The 1% risk of loss of use exists only in the event of a bet cancelation, the bet or the abandonment of a player (for example tennis). This makes your surbbets so profitable and you do not have to bet on sports betting that looks like lottery gambling. To find suitable odds and bets quickly, you can use a Surebet finder and the Surebet calculator. The next section will explain exactly what Surebets are.


Surebets are known as sports betting where a loss is virtually eliminated, so you can bet risk-free if you follow the basic requirements. The betting outings are irrelevant in the arbitrage betting and are not relevant for your profit, because you also have to compensate lost betting slips, as you will bet on all sorts of betting outcomes with different bookmakers. Therefore, the quota difference in the Surebets is an essential decision criterion. The quota difference between the different online bookmakers will decide whether a surbet is lucrative for you or not. The lower your quota difference, the more you have to spend to make the bets worthwhile for you.


Bookmaker 1 offers good tennis odds for the victory of Roger Federer against Rafael Nadal Murray. While bookmaker 2 rates the chances of victory for Roger Federer higher. You’re now tapping on both surprises for your Surebet – Victory Rafael Nadal and Victory Roger Federer. The difference between the two betting odds is crucial to the profit you can make. By only placing your individual bets with the online bookmakers according to the odds ratio, in each case proportionally to your total budget, you profit from a prize due to the quota difference. And that, even though you lose a bet.


How a Sport Surebet calculator figures out the differences in odds and part bets is not difficult to understand. For 2-way Surebets you give 2 odds, for 3-way Surebets 3 odds. The preferred sport, for example football, tennis, basketball or ice hockey, you can choose freely. The Surebet Calculator will automatically show you if the bets are worth your while.

The mathematical formula

N is the number of all possible betting outings (for 2-way betting 2 and for 3-way betting 3 possible betting outings) and qi the potential probability for the event i, then:

BookmakerWinQuote = 1 / q1 + 1 / q2 + … + 1 / qn (Formula Source: Wikipedia)

If the bookmaker WinQuote <1, there is a Surebet.

That’s probably too complicated for you? Yes that’s it, but you do not necessarily have to deal with the mathematical formula. Unless you want to calculate with pen, paper and calculator yourself, whether the Surebet would be worthwhile for you. This task of calculations is taken from the Surebet Calculator and you do not have to worry about it anymore. Everything is calculated automatically by entering the quotas automatically. The same applies of course to your wagers or partial bets with the different bookmakers. These are also calculated automatically, depending on the quotas, and displayed in euros.


Surebets are bets that experience can be affected by quick quota changes, especially when many people are giving away a odds coupon. As a result of the rapid changes in odds, a Surebet can quickly drain you worthless or cause losses. If the Surebet calculator produces attractive results, you should respond very quickly. If you have to register with one or more bookmakers and have to study the terms and conditions, it may already be too late. With practice, you can also use arbitrage betting for your live betting. However, you have to give more gas here!


A Surebet or Arbitrage Betting Calculator should not be missed in the collection of your sportsbook tools, as it greatly facilitates your search and computation work. The calculator is suitable for beginners, advanced and professionals alike. In addition, you benefit from the fact that necessary calculations are performed without errors, without having to understand the background of complex mathematical formulas. It is particularly convenient that your part bets can be calculated with the various online bookmakers based on your total stake. This is important to be able to react quickly to lucrative Surebets.