F1 Betting

For many years F1 or Formula One has been the favorable motorsport to watch in many households around the world. The development that Formula One has had over the years are just amazing to watch. It includes everything from the cars to teams and communication.

In the old days, there were not many racetracks to conquer, but over time we have seen some changes here. Today, you will see that most of the cups in Formula One are being arranged in different countries, and all that with a short time between all the races in F1.

Since Formula One are arranged in every part of the world, it is very usual for many people to discover the love for Formula One. That the same thing for betting as well. Many people like to bet on different sports, and Formula One is included in that list when people bet.

You do need to know how you are going to bet in Formula one. This is not something you can just place a bet on without knowledge. You need to have information about the odds, the teams, the racetracks and find different strategies you can use. Betting on F1 is fantastic!

Details about the odds markets in F1

There are many odds markets to operate in when looking at the Formula One odds. It is not just the winner in focus, but there are much more than that to bet on. Over the years the odds markets in Formula One have developed significantly and you can bet on every detail.

Qualification day are one of the popular markets to bet on in Formula One. What you can bet on when the teams are qualifying is who will get the pole position. There are a couple of small sessions to look out for in qualification day. You can also bet on drivers with the fastest lap. 

After the qualification, there are usually a F1 Grand Prix race which is on Sundays. That makes more sense since the qualification is just days in advance in the weekdays. Here you can bet on the podium finish, what teams that will finish the race and safety car deployed.

There are also speed row betting in F1. It allows you to choose five drivers that are going to finish the race in the way you are choosing. In other words, it will be a five-man race between all those 5 drivers that you choose. You can also bet on the whole season in F1.

The different strategies to use

You need to do plenty of good research to get yourself a unique betting strategy. Without knowledge about the race, the cars and especially the different teams, you will not be able to develop a strategy. Therefore, you should make sure that you do have that knowledge.

The racks in every race are different from one and another. Another factor to watch out for are the conditions. This means you need to analyze how many swings there are in one track and what the weather will look like that day. Some drivers win one track more than others.

With your deep analysis you will be able to develop a good strategy that can probably operate in the different odds markets. Just make sure that you have the correct statistical data for your analysis, when you are placing a bet in the different betting markets for F1.

One strategy to use could be to have value in your bet. This is determined by probability percentage and gives you a good overview. Another strategy is to place a bet for the winner of the whole season. This is summed up in points the teams win through every Grand Prix.

Live betting in F1 is the ultimate experience

Live betting gives you the absolute experience when betting on Formula One. One race can last through a lot of hours and sometimes there are changes within that single race. Those changes can affect how the drivers perform.

Pit stops are essential for drivers to change the tyres of the car. One pit stop can last for some seconds. That depends on the pit stop team. There are many situations that can occur if the drivers don’t have a pit stop. This can be something to look out for when betting live.

You can also live bet on the probability of which driver that will get the fastest lap after every lap is completed. This is more complex, but it is also highly understandable. Formula One betting is just absolutely fun!