You thought that racing cars looks fast? Well, try to drive a bike in a race. This is much faster and gives a lot of adrenaline to the drivers. The top division in motorcycle racing is MotoGP and it is the ultimate experience and entertainment for many people that are interested.

MotoGP are held in countries such as Italy and Spain, but you can see the tournament also in different locations than just these two countries. The MotoGP world title is the main tournament to compete for, and many bikers are eager to get their hands on the world title.

With 12 teams competing for this title, you would think that it is easy for the drivers to win. But that is not the case. Each team contain of 2 drivers, which get the tally up to totally 24 riders heading out in each race. This is probably why most people like to bet on MotoGP.

There are many good markets to bet on in MotoGP and the odds are also calculated in a good and logic way. You can try to mark the odds yourself with deep analysis and see if that matches the odds from the bookmakers. You can bet on a Gran Prix and also a season.

The different bets in MotoGP

Many betting markets in MotoGP works in different ways. For example, the MotoGP Championship betting are mainly for the riders presented in the championship. You can bet on a winner in one particular championship. You can also bet who will win in a specific order.

Moreover, you do have the MotoGP race betting you can place a bet on. This is for each race the drivers participate in and there are many markets within one race to bet on. One of the markets you could bet on are the drivers that will qualify and who will get the fastest lap.

You can also use handicap for the MotoGP races. This allows you to try and give a handicap to a driver that will win by certain laps throughout the race. It gives more options within betting and many MotoGP fans just love to see it available. There are more options as well.

Another option within the race markets are head-to-head bets. This will give you the chance to bet on a driver that will win by laps versus another driver. Or it can be that one driver wins over another driver. You are the one to decide which driver you will choose to bet on.

Many strategies can be used for betting

You should have different set of betting strategies. There are many variations that can be combined and used also for betting on MotoGP. You just need to have the right statistical data to be able to use different strategies. The strategies should contain of deep analysis.

There are a few favorites that will be pointed out to win a race or a whole tournament in MotoGP. One driver can actually win up too many races, which is almost groundbreaking. You should keep an eye on the favorites of a Grand Prix. This is the basic strategy when betting.

Another strategy is to study the form of each driver. This is of course more for and analysis for you to work with, but you will find it interesting if you do get your hands on the correct statistical data. There are many examples where bookmakers vary odds after the form.

Your strategies should contain of variables when you do set them up. You will never know when a condition of a race will change, and that can for example be with the weather, or the racetrack. It depends on what the conditions are and what the odds are for each driver.

Try out live betting now

Maybe you thought there were only standard betting in MotoGP? Well, then you should think again. MotoGP contains of many different bets, and that includes also live betting. If you are a person that watches MotoGP every day, then you should use live betting now.

This allows more flexibility in MotoGP. If you do not know how well a driver is going to perform in a race, ten live betting will help you to better understand the form of the driver throughout the race.

It opens up for you to analyze each driver before you actually place a bet on them. This is of course another strategy, but it is not the most used strategy in betting. Try betting on MotoGP today and be entertained!