Tennis Betting

Many people use betting as an escape from a hard week of work. It provides more than just entertainment and fun, it is actually good for your brain to take part into actions that leads to betting in tennis. These actions can for example be analyzing statistical data and results.

Tennis is a sport where two players compete against each other. Most of the times they compete for a trophy, which is very common in the sport. The intensity of competition makes it very interesting for many people to watch. This leads people to betting in tennis.

Most of the time there are tournaments like ATP and WTA tours that conquer the screen of many tennis enthusiasts. But it is The Grand Slams that really gets all the attention and makes it to alle the newspaper headlines. These are the tournament people usually bet on.

The bookmakers will have big eyes on tournaments like these, and the odds are usually very fair when it comes to the players that take part in the competition. But there are many things to consider, such as ranks and points. Ranks are evaluated after performances.

Value of the bet is important

A bet is valuable to play on if the odds are higher and the return is set to be predicted at a better percentage. In other words, if the outcome is better than expected, than a bet is valuable to any betting player. This is a form of betting strategy that is highly appreciated.

The percentage probability of a good bet or a valuable bet needs to be exchanged from research and analysis to percentage. This will give you the better overview of a valuable bet of any player. That is the same for betting on tennis. There are many different outcomes.

In tennis there are regularly two players in the match that competes against each other. This makes the percentage probability more even than if it were two teams containing of more players. Tennis players are highly skilled professionals, and this makes it more competitive.

You should therefore be very aware of if a lower-ranked player over-performs, since this can indicate that their next bet will have a higher percentage probability. Of course, this would stay as a higher percentage if they are competing in the same event as the previous one. 

Form and schedule need to be analyzed

Many tennis players today have a restricted schedule and of course exhausting schedule. This can often lead to changes in their performance level. Some might perform balanced throughout the whole year, whereas others maybe will have a drop in their performance.

The form is very important to analyze together with their schedule. Many of the players schedule are not officially out there and to be able to analyze. But you will often know which players are competing for the different competitions. This gives you some information.

Players have a sort of style they are determined to use over more than just one tournament. This should be analyzed together with their form to determine if they handle pressured situations. A good strategy is to back a player if they win first sets place a bet if they score.

Some players are good at advancing, but others do not have the mindset or the strategy to close out the match with a result into their favor. These are the type of styles you should look out for in a tennis player. But try to avoid analyzing too much of head-to-head records.

Results and handicap

Handicap markets in tennis can usually be very tempting. Most of the scores ends up being very high and this will make it easier for you to use the handicap market. Players that usually has a strong serve should be considered putting a handicap on since they can score a lot.

The only thing here is that they might not win every game, so you could as well put the handicap function on games instead of just scores. Therefore, you should be cautious and always be aware of drop in their form or if their performance level starts to level down. Live betting can also be tempting to try out. Here you will get the chance to bet on the serves and other plays that are valuable in a tennis match. Many people like to use this as an opportunity to bet on tennis. One tournament that catches the eyes of people that bet on tennis is the Wimbledon tournament.