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Football Betting Strategies – Top 3 Tips & Tricks

Football betting is one of the most popular sports betting in the world. The right football betting strategies are necessary for success both short and long term.

There are many leagues and matches to bet on, but above all the Premier League and the Champions League are clear top runners. Ofcourse every fourth year when the World Cup is on, that beats all records but for the day to day betting, the Premier League is the league that attracts the punters!

It is also worth mentioned other big European leagues like the Spanish Primera Division (Also known as La Liga), the German Bundesliga, the Italian Serie A and even in recent years with the succes of Paris SG and the big players they have attracted, the French Ligue 1. International competitions with national teams also takes a decent amount of wagers but nothing like the Top 5 European leagues and the Champions League.

We provide you with a very sophisticated football betting strategy, that will ensure that you can keep or increase your profits and avoid frustration through unnecessary losses. Our Sports Betting Experts have compiled these tips and tricks for football live sports betting for you below.

You will also find that we explain the betting strategy of wagering on draws or sure bets when betting on Sports. Just as you can estimate the value of a specific odds offered in a betting odds comparison and what betting opportunities that brings when it has to do with football bets.



Bet on a draw! The most common tip from all football betting experts and punters, when talking about football live betting in general, is the strategy to bet on a draw. But howcome? The odds on a draw is often between odds 3.00 and 4.00 for most sportsbook providers. By following the odds and live betting statistics, there is potential for huge profits for this strategy. It is definitely worth betting on a draw, because let’s face it, sooner or later each team will get that exact result – a draw. Let’s say you place a bet of ten euros only on a draw at the odds of 4.00, then a net profit of 30 euros is your potential profits.

In particular for beginners to sports betting this can be a good way to learn. Betting on a draw is a good strategy. It is simple as you have to follow very simple thinking and principles by betting several times on a football match ending up a draw. Due to the high profit margin on betting on a draw, because of the high odds, newcomers to betting or betting pros following the ‘bet on a draw strategy‘ must bet only on this outcome and nothing else. The only thing you have to do is bet on a draw and bet on a draw again. By following this strategy surely you will occasionally  make profits exceeding the overall sum and balance from the losses. It is all a heavy part of this beautiful game.



Before you start your betting strategy like the ‘bet on a draw‘ strategy, there are other steps to take beforehand. To successfully place sportsbets in the football sector especially, you should familiarize yourself with sports betting tips and the footballing industry. For example, you should find out about the best odds for the selected sporting event as these will vary from betting provider to betting provider. It is also extremely important to fnd as much information on the current level of form and performance of the two teams playing. One of the most important tips for football live sports betting is gathering the necessary information to maximize the odds presented from the many bookmakers. Where can you find an edge as a punter and maximize winning return. This is particularly important because our betting experts have pooled the necessary knowledge base for football betting and proved it to help as a standard factor for football betting online.

But how do you find the right football bets on a day-to-day basis? It is important that you lern and understand the level of importance for the particular encounter, team and also the league. Only the punters with the necessary background knowledge can plce bets and be succesfull long term in the highly competitive football betting market. It is vital to never forget that football betting is always a competition between odds provider and punter.

If you’re a newcomer, you should be aware of the following: How to accurately assess a provider’s football betting program. For us, two factors stand out and have emerged as must dos and should to be taken into account:

The width and depth of each betting offer presents a decisive factor for the actual odds.

  1. The Width: Betting options available refers to the different countries and leagues found in the football betting program. The more a bookmaker has in the program, the wider the offer and spreadtable is and the more opportunities and higher odds can be found.
  2. The Depth: Describes the choices and depth of bets available in a country or league. If these two points are taken into account, you can very quickly filter out a good provider with excellent odds and opportunities from the bad ones. Here our recommended bookmakers will help you.


Here are the most important tips on how to be succesful with football betting. Our Football Expert advice includes simple but general principles that should be followed not only with Football betting but with every sports betting venue. In addition, our experts will give you advice on how you can increase your own betting experiences and enjoy it even when you are not winning. The punters who want to be successfully by permanently placing football bets need to have lots of patience and perseverance. Without it any punter will never be succesful at Football Betting or any other Sports Betting. Small setback s are a part of the game and should not be a disturbance to asuccesful strategy.


  • TIPS & TRICKS #1
    • Knowledge and execution of football tips! The most important requirement is, of course, that you know the sport and follow the footballing event daily. If you want to successfully and permanently place football bets, you must have a strong stamina and knowledge base. This includes not being discouraged too quickly when things are not going your way!
  • TIPS & TRICKS #2
    • Place a football tip once a day! This avoids being too emotional and reacting to each event. This also prevents the often mistakes than punters make when they chase losses and abandons a succesful strategy momentarily and lose overall balance momentum.
  • TIPS & TRICKS #3
    • Stuck up on information! How do you lfind the right football bets? Only if you take the time to gain information about leagues, teams, players, upcoming matches and head to head statistics. With this type of information gathering you can expect to win more bets than lose. In our betting Sportsbonus comparison page you will find additional comparison options so you know where to find the best odds for your bet!



Another important tool in the world of football bets are the odds and form curves of different clubs and players. To rate and understand an odds, it is important to analyze the current shape of the two teams and players on form. This means that you always need to keep an eye on the fixtures, table position and results of past head to head matches. These pieces of information will give you clues to the current and next performance of the team. Important factors like an injured key player is vital information that a team is weakened for the upcoming game, while a sudden change of manager more than often have a positive effect. In addition to that, it also has a significant influence on the outcome, which team is playing at home or away and how they approach the game tactically. Does the strengths of the team lie in being offensive or defensive. Does it change between the two tactical approaches dependant on where the team is playing etc. The most important thing where you always need to be ahead of the game and the odds setters and bookmakers in football betting is your know-how and information flow.



There are plenty! A live betting strategy does not include the normal preparations, where you are just wanting to place a bet. By reading and really understanding sports betting news, you can keep track of current sporting events in your favorite leagues. There are many mobile apps created for this exact purpose. Whether you bet a pre-match bet before the kick-off and wait until the game is available is live on betting portals and more often than not giving you better odds, you have to stick with your initial strategy. However in livebetting sessions you often find opportunities to place a awager at a higher odds, specialy if you team goes one goal down or something similar. The strategy is the same, it is just added in live game and not as a pre-match bet.

Whilst we will always insist that you only bet singles and individual bets according to your strategy, there are also more and more punters who combine two teams on the same betting slip and therefore get a higher odds and the chance to win bigger. At the same time a single lost bet can lead to a loss of the total bet.


  • Handicap Betting
  • Halftime / Fulltime
  • Double Chance
  • Draw No Bet 


In Handicap Betting, the favourite team will be given a lead in the form of one or more goals, often up to a total of four goals. The favourite team has to score as many goals that it wins the bet despite the handicap bet. So if yo are wanting to place a Handicap Bet on FC Barcelona at home to Getafe, you make a bet on FC Barcelona to win -1,5, meaning that you will only win your bet if FC Barcelona win by to clear goals. With Halftime/ Fulltime bets, you are trying bet on when your favourite team actually takes the lead. Is this before or after Halftime? For example, a draw after at Halftime and win for the home team in the second half would look like. FC Barcelona X/1 (Halftime/Fulltime) and often it would give you a greater odds than just betting on a handicap win.



Double Chance Betting is becoming more and more popular, especially when Live Betting. If betting Double Chance on your favourite team, you are backing your team not to lose the game, and either win or draw the game.



Similar to the Double Chance Betting, the bet type Draw No Bet is becoming increasingly popular amongst punters. If you compare with Double Chance Betting where you win your bet if your team wins or draws, with Draw No Bet Bettin you only win if your team wins the game and you get your stake back if it is a draw.

In order to maximize the chances of winning, you can combine several Draw No Bet games on your betting slip and only if one team were to lose the game, your slip would not be a winning one. Your Betting slip would also be combining many hefty looking odds, when adding them all up. With certain Sportsbooks you can combine multiple events from one game. Alternatively, combine several events from several games on a betting slip but always remember: The more events on your Betting Slip the more chances of losing your bet.



Any system bet works with a similar principle. Several odds are combined on a bet slip and you will receive winnings if individual tips of the bet slip are not fulfilled. In a Trixie or “2 out of 3” system bet, the betting slips will win where two out of three of the submitted odds on the betting slip were correct. However all depending on the actual odds and the combined stake, you more than often need all three teams in a Trixie or “2 out of 3” system bet to win in order to make overall profits.



Betting customers have a large selection of football bets. Betting on the number of goals and the outcome of a game is the most common. But that is not the end of the betting market. Football live bets usually deal with the following results of a game:

  •  The number of goals
  •  The outcome of the game (1X2 bet)
  •  The exact end result of a game

If you are looking for tips for football betting, you can use your background knowledge to determine the appropriate betting strategies that will help you achieve the maximum profit. In addition, you can set by signing up with several bookmakers on so-called Surebets. The principle here is that you choose two quotas for opposite events from two different betting providers. The quotas should not be too different from each other. For example, a bet on an Over 2.5 with a quota of 2.00, while another bookmaker has a bet on an Under 2.5 also rated with a quota of 2.00.

Since one of the two results will occur in any case, a secure profit is guaranteed. Unfortunately we have to tell you that the search for Surebets turns out to be more and more difficult. Only in the rarest cases acceptable rates for opposite results with different bet providers are to be found. In order to divide the bets to the opposite results, that in each case a profit arises, you should carry out before the delivery of the bet slip a corresponding calculation of the potential profits on both sides.



Another sports betting strategy for football bets is live betting. You have to differentiate bets and live bets between before the game. Long-term bets include a period of time that can even be one entire game duration, for example, if you bet on the championship of a team before the start of the first matchday.

On the other hand, in live betting, you can react to the game and only after the kickoff of a game your tips. This will promise the sporting event again an extra dose of thrills. No wonder that today more than half of all football bets are made live!



This is particularly convenient with mobile bets. Whereby you can make bets on the go via the app of your bookmaker or his mobile website. If a bookmaker does not adjust his quota in time to the new game conditions, you can get especially good quotes on live events on individual events. However, you should not rush to submit a sports bet to a bookmaker.

Tips for football Live sports bets consist not only of statistics and trends, but also of sufficient impulse control. Each tip should be evaluated before submission to the bookmaker based on the available knowledge base and not be placed out of a mere idea out. To avoid impulsive betting behavior, football betting strategies are a suitable method.



Online football betting, the most popular sport of the Germans – football betting combines many advantages. Anyone who has ever bet at a football match knows how much more exciting the game became. Just a small effort is enough to increase the thrill. As the article has certainly shown you, who wants to get started with football bets, you must inform yourself in advance: Without the necessary knowledge of the sport no bet should be made! So you should inform yourself in advance about the providers, the teams and the sport before placing a bet. Our bookmaker comparison can help you to find a reputable address – and to increase the betting pleasure!

With us you will find all the information about Sports betting Strategies, Tips & Tricks, as well as our large odds comparison – in short: everything worth knowing at!

Furthermore, we can let you know that most Tips & Tricks you can also find aswell as other helpful information in Sports Betting Strategy Forums. Here you will always find new ideas for the design of your own betting strategy. Generally in football betting: Best Strategy is of no use if your betting provider does not offer you the highest betting odds. In that case, you can not get the highest possible profits.